Interview with Renée Garrin/FAQ’s

Meet Renee/virtual assistant/reneetheva.comHow did you get started in your business?

Check out my VA story here!

Who are your clients exactly?

I create time for entrepreneurs who feel overwhelmed by the administrative, creative and technical tasks that compromise their business venture. These pieces can make them feel exhausted, and they can’t serve their clients to their fullest potential! By assisting with social media management, blog posts, twitter comments, WordPress administration and creating and maintaining newsletters for e-mail marketing, my clients can focus on what they’re most passionate about: their business!

How does your background fit into your business?

I have a 20+ year history of strong administrative support within a variety of business settings, which have included marketing and marketing research, project management and field supervision. Beginning in the fall of 2011, I have expanded my vocational scope to the virtual domain and I am thrilled to be a part of the growing online entrepreneurial community! I have listened in on teleseminars, attended virtual workshops and bought training programs. I am consistently learning new skills through various trainings and I apply them to my clients as needed.

How are you different from other virtual assistants?

I am a great supporter and cheerleader, and I love growing together! I am here to assist you with a “high touch” approach, meaning that I will be working “with” you and not just “for” you. I am your virtual partner in reaching your small business goals so that you may get back to revenue generating activities and focus on the work that only YOU can do.

What type of personality do you work best with?

Since my first job is being a mother, I love to work with other mothers who understand the challenges of managing and family AND a business. Flexibility is key and a mutual understanding is greatly beneficial. I created a business that can support my lifestyle as a mother while helping others do the same. However, I do support entrepreneurs who are not moms! I have the most success with those who are clear about how I can help support them and can delegate the pieces that they need assistance with.

How do you work with people?

We will first schedule a complimentary “Get Acquainted Call”. This is when we will discuss where your current barriers and gaps are and how you can benefit from my assistance. From here, I will send you a welcome kit as well as the client questionnaire where we can fine tune your needs. I go the extra mile to make clients happy, so following up with a 15 – 20 minute “touch base” phone call as needed will help up fine tune what is or what is not working.

What results have your past clients had?

The best way to see the types of results my clients have had is to review the client testimonials here. I have seen my clients grow their businesses to new levels, and I feel so proud that I was able to assist them in reaching their next big goal!

Do you customize your services and products?

Since every business is different and needs are different, there are times when some customization is needed. However, one of my packages should be a good fit depending on the level that you need. All businesses need online exposure and assistance, but we can create a package that can suit your needs.

What types of people are a good fit for your services?

All businesses need an online presence these days, so I think that everyone can benefit from working with a VA. If you are an overwhelmed entrepreneur who just can’t seem to manage all of the moving pieces that go with social media marketing – and you struggle to keep up, then I would be the perfect person to help you!

What makes you think you can help me when I can’t seem to do it on my own?

It’s not your responsibility to handle everything! You are encouraged to get help in order for you to focus on the big picture. You are the “visionary”…I am the “lens” through which she sees the endless possibilities. You need to focus your time on helping your clients with their own pain and struggles while I handle the task that are non-revenue generating and time consuming.

What are your fees?

At this time, I work hourly and my client purchases time in pre-paid blocks. A detailed contract will be sent to the client before a payment is made. Work will begin after the signed contract and payment is received. Please click here to view my current packages.

Are any contracts involved?

As part of the welcome and intake process, I will send you a welcome kit as well as the client questionnaire and you will return it to me via email. This is a contract that outlines the expectations of both parties and provides protection for both of us. A completed and submitted Welcome Packet is a prerequisite for our working relationship and process to commence, and assumes you agree to its terms.

Okay, I’m ready to do this for myself, but I have a couple additional questions. May I call you?

Meet Renee/virtual assistant/reneetheva.comOf course! Let’s get started and rock this!

Please click here to send me a note and schedule a time to discuss your needs and let’s see if I can help!