“Renee has been working with me since 2011 as a Virtual Assistant. During that time, she’s tirelessly worked to save me time and effort by improving and streamlining processes, fixing my mistakes, and keeping me on track toward my goals.
 Renee is an excellent detail manager! She works so hard to manage me and provide me with just the right amount of reminders.  

With Renee, I don’t feel like I have a VA, I feel like I have a partner who is in this business and interested in our collective success.

The world of self-employment and the social media universe have been moving targets. It’s almost as if as soon as we ‘get a process down’ – something in the industry changes, or a new tool or system is introduced that causes us to have to regroup and tweak our approach. Renee’ has never complained and consistently takes on new and challenging projects on behalf of my business. As my brand (and business) has grown she has grown right along with me. She is such a dedicated and hard worker, that she has pushed herself to continue to learn new things, challenge her skills and grow her own capabilities. She is a quick learner, and is hardworking and most importantly – incredibly trustworthy. She completes tasks in a timely manner with a high level of accuracy, and uses many forms of communication to be sure we remain in alignment.

If you need help with social media tasks, newslettering, content, blog and editorial support, self-publishing and staging these tasks to save you time – I recommend Renee without reservation.”

Cena Headshot

Cena Block
Mompreneur Mentor, Coach, Sanity Saver & Founder ~ Sane Spaces, LLC



“The three qualities that come to mind immediately when I think of Renee: Dependable. Great communicator. Willing to learn.

I know that any task Renee is assigned, it gets done! I never even think to check if she’s done a weekly or monthly task; I just know it’s done, and done well. Projects get done on time or usually sooner – and if there is any delay, she let’s me know right away.

Renee is wonderful at teasing out the exact requirements for a task or project, and making sure it’s exactly what I want. She lets me know if she is going to be away or unavailable, well in advance. I always know what is happening and am never left in the dark (or in the lurch!)

Renee is enthusiastic about learning new tasks, systems and marketing strategies I want to implement. She is thorough in her approach to learning, and unafraid to ask questions. Anything I’ve asked Renee to add to her repertoire, she’s happy to tackle.

In short – you won’t go wrong with Renee as your assistant! If you want someone you know will stay in contact and get stuff done, she’s your gal. And she’s pleasant to work with too – I consider her not only a valued member of my team, but also my friend. I look forward to many more years as her client!”

terri-zTerri Zwierzynski (Terri Z)



“Working with Renee has totally transformed my business. Our work together helps me stay consistent and active in my online community. She’s beyond just my VA. She’s an integral part of my business and my accountability and we’ve developed a deep relationship while working together. If you’re looking for someone who isn’t just technically good at what she does, but can go beyond and help you manage your business growth, Renee is the one!!”

Kelly SchaeferKellyann Schaefer
Owner, Task Complete



“Before working with Renee, I was stressed about finding the time to market my business through social media. I knew it was important to get my business in front of my target market in their daily social media feeds, but it was one of the areas that was falling through the cracks because there weren’t enough hours in the day to do it all. As a result of hiring Renee, I am now able to delegate this important piece of my marketing to her and know that it will be a job well done. She has helped me to improve my content to help my potential clients engage with me. She has also created consistency in my marketing messages, so my potential clients know the benefits I can provide. As my virtual assistant, I know I have someone who can help me get jobs done within my business, so that I can focus on income generating activities and hands on work with clients. Don’t hesitate to get Renee on your team, she is a smart, time focused, organized assistant and is an absolute pleasure to work with.”

Taryn LambTaryn Lamb
Certified Professional Organizer Owner, Organized Havens, LLC



“Working with Renee has been so incredibly fulfilling! Before my work with Renee, I would spend hours each week preparing my blog, scheduling it, and posting it out to magazine sites. I was frustrated and stressed because as I was sitting at my desk doing that, I was not out meeting new clients. All of that changed when I started my work with Renee. She is efficient and has an incredible skill at creating social media posts from my blogs–something I wasn’t doing at all. She has helped me to grow my social media engagement and followers each month that I work with her. I hear compliments from my newsletter community about how impressed they are that I have “pinnable” photos and click to tweet statements in my blogs. I love knowing that Renee is my secret weapon for all of that!”

Lori FischerLori Fischer
Creative Director



“Renee is fantastic! She will bring tons of value to your weekly ezine, and be ready to handle your article submission when you are ready! And there’s so much more that Renee can handle for you! But beyond the tasks that Renee is talented in (and how efficient she is)…she is all heart! Renee really cares and is a treasured team member who will champion you and your business!!!”

stacey_martino_headshotStacey Martino
Love and Passion Expert



“Renee helped me through a busy time when I needed assistance with keeping up with my marketing and lead follow-up. Renee was helpful, trustworthy and friendly. Her brand of customer service is what we all strive to achieve. Thank you Renee for all your help. I look forward to future opportunities to work with you.”

Eileen Bergman
Professional Organizer



“Working with Renee has been an awesome experience! Finding the time to schedule my social media posts and newsletters has been such a burden and taking me away from serving my clients. It has been so wonderful knowing that these tasks are taken care of! Loving her help! Worth every penny!!!!”

Katie Tracy
Professional Organizer



“Renee is the reason I was able to finally start up a social media campaign and a newsletter, after a long time of procrastinating. Before working with Renee, I was overwhelmed with all the elements of the marketing campaign I wanted to create. There was too much to do, so I kept putting it off. Working with Renee forced me to make decisions and create a plan. She is amazing at helping me create deadlines and gently reminds me when I have something due. She is efficient and provides results as promised. Adding her to your team is one of the best decisions you could make. I only wish I had found her sooner!”

Deirdre Smith
Professional Organizer